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Hi. My name is Nate Kowalski and I'm a professional Tattoo Artist running my own private studio within the Niagara Region. I have been tattooing at my private studio now for two full years. Wow time has really flown by, before that I worked at a couple different public shops for about 9 years but always craved a more private environment where I could focus completely and work one on one with clients without the commotion or endless disturbances at public studios. You can usually find me happily hanging out with my kids and family, catching up with old friends or working away creating tattoo designs on paper and skin. That pretty much sums up my life.

There are three things that matter to me in life. My family, taking care of myself, and constantly progressing at my work. Family is important to me and building a strong foundation for my little ones is a top priority. I also need to live an active life myself and be able to create tattoos in a controlled environment that adds fulfillment to my life, so it is important that if anyone is reading this to first focus on yourself because if you aren't able to take care of yourself you will not produce your best work.  To be a competent tattooer it is first necessary to be a competent human being so I try to maintain a schedule that allows me to focus on each appointment and provides the atmosphere needed to keep my skills progressing.  What I learn from life I can apply to my work and my art so every day I am learning and adapting to what is thrown at me.

I have been interested in all things art and design since a young age and have traditional values when it comes to living life. Most artists lose the urge to improve or they get used to the job and no longer progress. This has not and will never happen to me. I never get comfortable at a certain level and always want to improve. I endlessly look to better myself within the styles I work in.

I try to live an active, functional life outside of work. Me and the kids always think of fun things to do and surround ourselves with positive influences. Maybe I will see you for a tattoo sometime! Here are a few pictures of what goes on in my life so you get a better idea of who I am.