My name is Nate and I have created tattoos in the Niagara area for over ten years now. I am originally from the area. After moving away a couple times I found myself back here doing tattoos on the many locals that I developed connections with since a young age.

I have seen tattooing trends come and go and have met many artists along the way to working at a private studio. The more I worked with clients the more I realized that tattooing is a personal procedure and that perhaps a private atmosphere would provide me with more focus and also provide every client with a relaxed experience. Sure, busy public shops can be more entertaining and 'fun' when there are crowds of people treating it like one big party but I felt that tattooing needed to be a more concentrated procedure in a controlled environment. Also since tattoos are so personal, clients and artists can bring their own personal drama to work that could affect my own work ethic and I wanted to remove all that and focus on the appointments at hand and nothing else. That means tattoos can be done, quickly, efficiently and in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure or immediacy of public shops. However I'm always open to connecting with other artists and learning new things or working as a guest artist as various locations with fellow colleagues.

outside of work

Outside of tattooing I spend my time raising my two children, I happily devote all of my spare time to them. I have some tattoo related hobbies and some non tattoo related hobbies as well. I have created hundreds of designs, paintings and produced apparel as well. When I'm not designing I like going on hikes, staying active, watching old movies or playing video games. One of the main reasons that I switched to a private environment is because fatherhood is very important to me. I have a strong connection to my kids and want to provide them with the tools they need to grow up confident and sure of themselves. Being able to create my own schedule allows me to do this and I hope that if you have read this far that you go spend some time with your family once you are done reading haha. Thanks for visiting my page and learning more about me. 

Northpoint Tattoo studio 

Niagara Falls Ontario