Northpoint Tattoo studio 

Niagara Falls Ontario

Appointment Etiquette 

Here are some guidelines for when you come to get tattooed! Planning tattoos can be fun but it is a business as well as a health procedure, so mutual respect needs to exist between every artist and client .

  • You can bring one person with you, there are no check-ins from friends, family members or people you know within the studio environment. You cannot invite friends to let themselves in, show up unexpected or treat the appointment like a party. Whoever you bring cannot touch you while you get tattooed.
  • If you bring someone, bring someone who is supportive. Do not bring someone who will be rude and discouraging.
  • Deposits are non refundable even if the appointment is cancelled. Deposits cover lost income due to cancellations, consulting time, drawing time and studio prep time.
  • Do no show up drunk or on drugs.
  • You can park in the driveway.
  • Some tattoo ideas may not always work, if your idea is refused this is nothing personal.  If the tattoo concept doesn't fit or looks out of place then it is best to hold off on getting the tattoo.
  • Tattoos will not be specifically recreated from photos, online sources or printouts. Every tattoo will look slightly different since every individual body is unique. 
  • Be prepared to pay for the tattoo. This is a business. You cannot bring payment in a few days, once you find a job or when you get money from a friend or family member. Cash payment or payment sent digitally will suffice on the day of the the appointment. Payment will not be made on later dates.
  • Show up well rested, well fed, showered, and relaxed