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December 2018

Visit my contact section and get a hold of me to book an appointment! Not much to report. Life is good. Happy Holidays!

november 2018

Hi, everything is going great on my end! There is time in December for tattoos.  See you soon!

October 2018

It's still been so warm out for October. There is time in November if anyone wants a tattoo. Contact info is in the contact section of course :P.

September 2018

It's been a warm September so far! Summer was really busy and pretty insane to work through. There were a few instances with clients showing up at odd times/hours and security issues as well with clients wandering around. Only book-in if you are serious and have intentions to get tattooed. I do not offer free tattoos, access to areas outside of the studio and I will not tattoo clients on drugs or that have been drinking before the appointment. Serious inquiries only. No exceptions. This is a private studio. Mutual respect is a requirement when getting tattooed.

August 2018

The summer is almost over! I've been trying to focus on booking  interesting tattoo ideas and working with clients that have some unique requests. The summer schedule is always busy and my kids have been keeping me on the go as well.  I haven't been taking on all requests as the schedule can overload sometimes. Cheers!

July 2018

Wow, its July already! Hope everyone has been having a great summer!

June 2018

The schedule is getting pretty full. I am used to the grind and steady flow of designs and appointments. Any ideas for tattoos let me know! There are a couple openings  left this summer!

May 2018

Wow May came up quickly. My schedule is packed. Contact me to book in! Please be patient as it may take a few days to respond to everyone. Thanks!

​April 2018

I'm currently booking for April, May and June 2018. You have all been keeping me busy with tattoo designs large and small! My spring schedule is filling up fast! I have been drawing more and more every day and spending time with my family as always. I plan to keep producing as much artwork as I can and I was also thinking of making a Youtube channel to answer some tattoo questions that I get asked on a regular basis. Have a great month! 

March 2018​​

The weather is warming up a little bit at least. I have been trying to manage my schedule in shorter time spans so that it is easier to prepare for and I can make sure everyone is serious about the tattoos they book in for. That means that there is time this month and next month for appointments. Focusing more on specific appointments and less on filling my schedule months in advance should be better for everyone! Outside of work life has been pretty consistent I've been hanging with the kids and enjoying time to myself when I can. Contact me for an appointment! See you soon!

February 2018

Snow, snow, snow. I know all of this snow is to be expected living in Canada and everything...but that doesn't mean I like it. The February schedule is pretty full and there is time available in March! Please be specific when you contact me and have realistic expectations when it comes to tattoos. Outside of work life has been good! Hope everyone had a good January, here's looking forward to the spring!

​​​January 2018

A new year is upon us! I have never been into celebrating New Years with much enthusiasm since I am more the type of person to put 100% into things every month of the year and not on a single night or with short term 'resolutions' aha. There are a few open spots in February left that are available for reliable clients with realistic and specific requests. Hope to hear from you! And I hope everyone had great holidays. My street never gets plowed so I am snowed in at the moment lol. How exciting :(.

December 2017

So last month was the absolutely busiest month I have ever worked through, there were so many unique ideas and elaborate concepts you guys really made me work! Contact me if interested in an appointment and I will let you know what I can do! Outside of work I have been hitting the gym and spending time with the fam like usual. Hope you all had a great year! I will update this section in 2018!

NOVember 2017

There is still some time in December coming up so get a hold of me if you want an appointment! Business is good and the kids are happy. No complaints! :) 

October 2017

The fall has been really nice so far. The weather has cooled down and all my clients have been relaxed and easy going.  Lots of custom tattoos to draw and finish up.  Outside of work I have been spending time with the kids and focusing on myself a little more.  After all what is the point of running your own business if it starts to run you haha.  Maybe a vacation is in order as well. Where is a good place to go in the winter? As always visit my contact section to get a hold of me, texting is the easiest and quickest way to go about it!

September 2017

The summer flew by so fast! My son will be back at school any day now and my daughter already wants to start working with me and she is only two years old haha. The summer schedule is always busy and difficult to manage so I am relieved that things will calm down a bit this fall. I still have time available in October so go to the contact section of the website and get a hold of me for an appointment! Thanks!

​August 2017

So the summer is about half over. Am I the only one who thinks when summer finally comes it will be relaxing and enjoyable and yet it turns out being the most chaotic time of the year? Haha. The weather has been getting cooler this month and I have been keeping busy with all sorts of things around the studio and with my children. I just finished a new painting and have a few large tattoos I am finishing up this month. If interested in a tattoo text me at 905 324-2701. Talk soon!

July 2017

Hope everyone has been having a great summer so far and has been enjoying themselves. My son just finished kindegarten, now that he has the summer off maybe I should start his tattoo apprenticeship early haha . What better way to celebrate the nice weather than to book some tattoo appointments! :) Contact me anytime to start setting up an appointment. There are still a couple openings left in September. Talk soon!

JUNE 2017

Summer is almost here! I hope the weather clears up and we get some hot sunny days ahead. The rainy weather has not stopped any of you from getting tattooed! The summer schedule is full. Contact me to book for September.

MAY 2017

I cannot believe that is it already may. Well anyways. The schedule it swamped! There is time available in August so contact me as soon as possible and book in!

​​April 2017

Wow...this month is already flying by so quickly. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather we have been finally getting. I have been busy as usual... I appreciate all of you! Thanks for coming in. See you soon for more!

March 2017

Lots of beautiful, amazing ideas this month that I am eager to turn into tattoos for my awesome clients. Follow me on instagram to keep track of my work 'natekowalskitattoo' is my instagram handle. Also I now have Gift Cards available. Surprise a loved one or best friend by paying for their next tattoo!

​​February 2017

It looks like it has finally gotten cold out. Here is hoping for an early spring! Speaking of spring...the schedule is already filling up very fast! If you have a tattoo in mind contact me and I will make it happen. See you soon!

January 2017

Happy new year everyone! This year is already filled with exciting tattoo ideas. I look forward to creating them for all of you! If you are interested in getting a tattoo send a text to (905) 324 -2701 and let me know. Thank You!

Dec 2016

Well Christmas is almost here! I am keeping busy during this holiday season and the schedule is full of great unique ideas to be tattooed on all you awesome clients!

During the Christmas season it is a time where I get many cancellations or have clients reschedule. Everyone seems to be busy with unexpected family plans or holiday emergencies so little gaps may open in my schedule. If you want a tattoo I will see what I can do to get you in a little sooner this time of year! Thank you everyone! Happy Holidays!!!

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