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Here are some guidelines to follow for booking appointments and for every visit you have here.

I communicate with all my clients directly, I do not book appointments through friends, family members or spouses. You must have a specific idea and know what you want tattooed on you and where. I do not book in vague thoughts or represent unclear ideas as tattoos. I will work on one tattoo per client per appointment ( I do not do ten tattoos or multiple tattoos on clients in one sitting). Think of me as a contractor and less of a consultant. I need a specific request to make you an appointment. 

  • You must have a specific idea for an appointment to be made
  • Avoid vague ideas or uncertain requests, be confident and sure of what you want
  • I am here to turn your idea into a tattoo, planning what to get is your job (and should be fun!).
  • Once you come to me with a specific request a deposit is taken and an appointment is made.
  • I do not recreate exact images of tattoos found on other individuals (unless quite small and simplistic). I have an emphasis on creating my own designs or working within a specific style. Images of other tattoos will be used purely as a way to share ideas.
  • Remember this is a tattoo studio so if you are not yet settled or decided then you are outside of the scope of what can be offered here.

Find some reference images to send my way. I can not always turn odd images that are found online into tattoos, but there are  many ideas found online that I can work very well with.

Once you have decided on what you want I will ask for a $40 deposit (this is non refundable). I do not create drawings for free and only book appointments for clients intending on getting tattooed (if you intend for me to create multiple drawings for fun just to see if you like them, or if you expect prolonged consulting time to be spent then that is not a possibility). 

Look over these common sense rules below before you come.  If you are uncooperative or disrespectful it will result in a cancelled appointment regardless of whether the tattoo is completed or has been started.

  • You can bring one friend and one car only to the studio, whoever you bring is not to touch you while you are getting tattooed, or touch any of the work surfaces (client chair, arm rest etc).
  • If you bring a friend with you make sure they are prepared to act politely for the entire time here.
  • You must communicate your thoughts and provide input to me directly, you cannot expect friends or family members to talk for you when making an appointment or communicating your ideas.
  • The studio is private, if you try to sneak multiple friends into the studio or cars onto the property or in the area the appointment is instantly cancelled.
  • You must be prepared with cash on you for the appointment, 
  • You will not show up drunk, stoned or with any alcohol or drugs on you
  • Screaming and yelling is not permitted, you must also sit as still as you can
  • Show up showered, well fed and relaxed!

Basic Guidelines

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